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Our CEO started out in clone tech @ PC Club. Then he was poached by Executive Assistance Integration (EAI) Executives to service the local Legal Executive market’s PC Document Management Systems Infrastructure. After a couple years as the Chief Field Engineer, he was then poached again by an EAI competitor to expand into Network Engineering for southern CA & the Hawaiian island legal markets as their Senior Field Engineer for 5.5 years.

Supporting offices of all size and discipline from here to Saipan on any number of platforms, he branched out to form Executive I.T. Solutions, Inc in 2003. Offering complete Internet enabled LAN Solutions. Always adopting the latest in technological trends, harnessing the yolk of 1st class traditional LAN standards and experience to tow your bottom line. Incorporating the best class of service, management, & security standards money could buy for our community.

In 2016, he branched out from traditional LAN Systems Engineering, harnessing the full yoke and practical power offered by the best of the best in established Cloud Market Solutions! Providing LAN Integrated Software as a Service (SaaS). Boasting 1st class administration services second to none in any and all vertical markets. Specializing in seamless integration of EMC Architecture. Developing and Supporting both In-House and Cloud perched Practice Management Solutions.

These are just a few good eOlive branches offered by EITS Inc today to serve your bottom line.

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