Greetings, Chief!

Turnkey Practice Management (SaaS)

  1. BulleteArchitect I.T. Solutions for seamless end to end document management.

  1. BulletLeading edge eCloud era solutions for your modern eArchitecture firm.

  2. BulletSimply helping you make the right choice out of the available I.T. solutions on the market for your business model

  3. BulletKeeping y’all chief architects informed with what’s trending in your eCloud era.

  1. BulletUltimately making sense of todays trends so you don’t get over sold or locked into costly services that are difficult to withdraw from or that fall short of the mark.

  1. BulletWe look forward to welcoming you aboard and into our family of 1st class services.

1st class eArchitect I.T. solutions

Why us? Our CEO started out engineering clone tech @ PC Club. Then working for Executive Assistance Integration (EAI) to service the local Legal market’s PC Document Management Systems Infrastructure Systems Engineering needs. After a couple years as the Chief EAI Field Engineer, he took a senior Network Engineering role servicing all of southern CA & the Hawaiian island legal markets as a Senior Network Engineer for 5.5 years developing complete LAN Solutions.

Designing and supporting offices of all size and discipline from here to Saipan on any number of platforms, he branched out again, independently crafting complete Internet-enabled LAN Solutions for over a decade.

In 2016, he formed EITS INC, A Private Practice Management Engineering firm. Delivering 1st class solutions that harness the full yoke and practical power offered only by the best of the best in well-established Cloud Markets.

Providing 1st class LAN Integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) Practice Management Solutions for the several vertical markets he has over twenty (20) years first-hand engineering experience in.

These eOlive branches are just a few of the good reasons to chose what is offered by EITS Inc today to serve your bottom line.

  1. 1Google Apps (eMail Drive Cal)

  2. 2Microsoft Office 365 (eMail eCal)

  3. 3Quickbooks Accounting (CRM SaaS)

  4. 4Salesforce (CRM SaaS)

  5. 5Vertical Market Cloud Architecture Design. Call for more information about our VMCA solutions (858) 367-9365

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